Booking a Time

There will be 60 registered time slots per hour, these time slots are similar to a Fast Pass that allows you to avoid the longer line ups. We are using a system that is called School Interviews. Don’t worry we will not make you take a test:)

Book A Time

When you register for a time, you will be required to input your email, phone, name and the option to add the number of people with you.

When you register a time, I ask you arrive within 5 minutes of your time slot, if you cannot make your booked time there will be an option to rebook. The entrance to the ski swap is located in the courtyard of the Georgian Bay Hotel. Look for the sign that will say “Registered Time”. From the parking lot it is approximately a 3 to 4 minute walk. If you are running behind, you will loose your spot. I realize this seems harsh, but with the current social distancing guidelines, I cannot have people abusing the rules.

If you do not wish to book a time, you may still come to the swap and the staff at the front door will be trying their best to keep the line up as short as possible to get you into the swap.

Rob Holroyd